Atlas Massage



Rich is one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever worked with. Besides being knowledgeable and professional, he’s really intuitive and able to adjust his technique to whatever my body needs that day. Plus, I appreciate that the only talking during the session is when he asks about the pressure or adding a heat pack. It’s truly a respite from the daily grind.”

I’ve received regular massages from Rich for more than a year now and have referred many people to him. The feedback is always the same – wow! —Julie Eleftheriou

“Rich listened carefully to my needs before the massage. He effectively focused on problem areas during the massage and sincerely listened again for feedback." —Diana Howell

“I got an appointment spontaneously. I REALLY enjoyed it.” —Renate Minas

“Rich was fantastic. I really appreciated his precise approach to my needs. His spirit was very soothing. I completely enjoyed my massage and plan to book with him again in the near future” —Summer Grest

“He was masterfully present and I felt like I was the only person in his life – it was special. Rich is a master massage therapist. I can honestly say that was the best massage I have ever received.” —Joe Paprocki